Saturday, June 30, 2012

There Is No Comparison...

Earlier this month, La-La Land Records released a definitive 3-CD presentation of Jerry Goldsmith's score to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I met Jerry Goldsmith once, in 1998. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the first score I asked him to autograph. He signed it vertically (along the center of the rainbow) rather than utilizing the more obvious giant white space beneath the Enterprise; Goldsmith was never one to take the obvious path!

For the emotions connected with it, that CD remains one of my most cherished possessions. I won't be listening to the physical disc again, however. In truth, I haven't since Columbia/Legacy released their expanded edition back in 1999. And now, that second release has been superceded. La-La Land's new set is utterly perfect. It contains everything I could want ... everything I could imagine. Under the sure hand of Michael Matessino, who also co-wrote the liner notes with Jeff Bond, and the rest of the LLL team, nothing has been left off; no expense spared; no aspect of the remastering neglected. Even the art design by Jim Titus is superlative. This is one of the best scores of all time. It now takes its place as one of the best and most comprehensive soundtrack releases of all time.

As the film's tagline boasted, there is no comparison.

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