Thursday, February 24, 2011

Announcing: Cliffhanger

Playing catch-up again! Earlier this week, Intrada announced the release of a 2-CD complete and remastered edition of Trevor Jones' mammoth score to the classic Stallone actioner Cliffhanger. I've been a fan of Mr. Jones since discovering The Dark Crystal as a child, so it was a real pleasure to be able to write the liner notes for this production. This is not the first release of Cliffhanger on CD, but it's safe to say that this set blows the old Scotti Bros. disc out of the water (off the mountaintop?), in terms of both sound quality and content. This is a score where I always loved the main theme, but had a hard time getting in to the album as a whole. Intrada's complete presentation restores the score's balance and depth, and the newly mastered sound gives a clarity and presence to the music that wasn't there before.

By the way ... for those of you who might be disappointed that Intrada was obliged (as is often the case) to use the DVD cover artwork rather than the original poster artwork, art director Joe Sikoryak has a pleasant surprise for you on the inside tray insert!

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