Friday, December 14, 2018

Catching up with Intrada (Part 4)

Since some time has gone by since my most recent update (too much time, as usual!) a few more Intrada albums have seen release, so I figured I'd whip up a quick post! First up is the world premiere release of Another Stakeout by Arthur B. Rubinstein. This was a somewhat bittersweet project to work on. The music itself is a joy, alternating between rich drama, crackling action, and lighthearted comedic material to reflect the eccentricities of the film on which it is based. Rubinstein had a much larger ensemble to work with on this sequel than he did the original Stakeout, and it really shows! It's just a really fun listening experience. So that's the "sweet." As for the "bitter," readers may know that maestro Rubinstein passed away during the production of this album. He was a rare talent and I'm sorry I never got to converse with him. But it was very moving to see the respect paid by Intrada on this release, the last album he was personally involved with. I was honored to be a part of it.
The advent of winter saw two more Intrada releases I was proud to work on. The first is a double-feature of relatively obscure TV-movies scored by the great Georges Delerue: Sin of Innocence, a drama about the taboo love between teenage step-siblings, and Love Thy Neighbor, a seriocomic film about jilted neighbors who find solace in each other's arms—both perfect fodder for Delerue, who was second to none when it came to tales of complicated romance. The second is Hider in the House, a little-seen thriller starring Gary Busey, Mimi Rogers and Michael McKean about a crazed stalker (Busey, naturally) who ensconces himself in the attic of a family home. The score is by Christopher Young, and fans of his distinctive horror/thriller sound, which marries disturbing soundscapes with surprisingly lush emotion, will be well pleased. This is a reissue of the original 1990 album, long out of print, with new packaging and notes.

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